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Why PHP Is Best For Website Development Than Other Languages?

PHP is the most popular server-side scripting language which is widely being used for building static and dynamic websites. It is certainly the most sought after technology in the world of web. However, there are many languages like C, C++, Java, .Net, Python, Pearl, and Ruby that also considered as the best languages for building websites.

PHP has become the preferred choice of web developers. Various businesses or startups consider PHP over other languages to build their web application. Many popular websites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Flickr, etc. are based upon PHP.

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Here are a few reasons, you might call PHP Popular:

  • It is the widely-used programming language for website development. Thus, around 82 percent of websites being constructed upon the strong foundation of PHP.
  • PHP is used for building a website for various industries like banking, healthcare, e-learning, e-commerce, social media, and many more.
  • PHP is integrated with source database MySQL and it has its own set of strengths also.

What Is PHP?

Here we are going to discuss the introduction to PHP is a server-side scripting language that is used to develop Static or Dynamic websites or Web applications. PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor that earlier stood for Personal Home Pages.

Why Use PHP?

You all must have heard the name of a number of programming languages available in the market, you may be now wondering why everyone wants to use PHP as the preferred choice for web development.

  • It is open-source and free and web development using PHP in easy and fast.
  • It has a short learning curve than other languages such as JSP, ASP, etc.
  • A large community helps you overcome the problem.
  • Most web hosting servers support PHP by default, unlike other languages such as ASP that need IIS. This makes PHP a cost-effective choice.
  • It is regularly updated to keep abreast of the latest technology trends.
  • It’s a server-side scripting language that means that you only need to install it on the server and client computers requesting resources from the server do not need to have PHP installed; only a web browser is enough.
  • You can use PHP with Postgres, Oracle, MS SQL Server, ODBC, etc.
  • PHP is cross-platform and it allows you to run your application on a number of different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.

What Makes PHP Best For Website Development?

As we all know PHP is a good language when it comes to building a dynamic website with advanced features. Various advantages PHP which makes it best over other languages. Here are some of the components that make PHP best for website development.

  • Open Source

In today’s time, almost every business, whether it is small, mid-scale, or large, chooses open-source technology to build websites. As an open-source technology, PHP can be used without paying any fees for the license. Web developers also prefer open-source technology to cut the development time and cost by taking the advantages of several open-source PHP frameworks.

  • Easy-to-Use

Building a dynamic website in PHP is very simple as an individual with basic technical knowledge can build their own website. PHP offers various useful components that help developers build a website without any hassle.

  • Performance

If talk about performance, PHP comes in the top position. Website built in PHP increases user engagement by gaining website loading speed that is why most of the startups or businesses choose PHP for high-performance website development. PHP has JIT (Just in Time) engine which compiles the PHP code into machine language for better engaging results.

  • Compatibility

PHP is compatible with major OS, web servers, and databases. It easily works with major OS like Linux, Solaris, etc. In addition to this, web developers can also work with a  number of databases. Moreover, PHP also supports some of the commonly used protocols like HTTP, POP3, LDAP COM, etc.

  • Flexibility

PHP is one of the most flexible programming languages which makes development faster and easier. In PHP, developers can easily make changes to the code during the different stages of development and can easily add new features or functionality to the website.

  • Scalability

Websites built in PHP are scalable. Web developers can create small and simple websites by embedding PHP code into HTML within a shorter amount of time.

  • Cost-effective

As an open-source technology, PHP is cost-effective and there you don’t need to pay anything. One can build a dynamic website at a minimal cost. And, there is no on-going cost of maintaining PHP.


As you all know, PHP has always been the most preferred language for web development. Right from development to maintenance, PHP is more popular than other server-side programming languages.

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