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Why Choose Laravel For Web Development?

Why Choose Laravel For Web Development? Everything You Needs To Know

In today’s time, web development is essential to run a business successfully. There are various technologies or platforms you can use to build a website and mobile app for your business. When it comes to a reliable and secure web development platform, the PHP Laravel framework has emerged as the best technology for businesses ranging from small to large. Various top brands also rely on this framework makes it a sought-after option. This framework is known for its simplicity and produces powerful web applications.

PHP Development Company in India, however, works on all PHP frameworks but keeps Laravel on top priority for better solutions.

In this article, we will discuss what Laravel is, and what the reasons to choose Laravel for web development are.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a web application framework written in PHP. It is an open-source web development platform that is widely used by web developers across the world. Laravel’s code is very readable so it will make the process of writing your code simple and fast. It is extremely reliable and the number of developers working with it is really large, so you can easily find documents related to this framework. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Laravel for web development-

1) Easy to start

The first reason people start with Laravel is that it’s easy to get started. Even if you only know the basics of PHP, you can easily develop a simple website in just a few hours. This platform has various tools that make development easy and fast.

2) Open Source

Laravel is a free and open-source framework that allows you to build large and complex web applications with ease. All you need is a text editor and PHP installation to get started.

3) Appears Quickly

Laravel is the best and most used framework according to Google Trends. It can handle extremely large projects with ease and that is why many web development companies in India have adopted this Framework.

4) Laravel Supports MVC Pattern

Since Laravel works on an MVC-based architecture, it’s easier to build web apps for developers. The MVC architecture offers better documentation, improved performance, built-in features, and functionality than other frameworks.

5) Community Support

If you’re a developer, and you’re stuck with puzzling bugs but there’s someone who’s been through it and that person can guide you, your job will be less difficult. Laravel has a large community, which makes it more powerful than other frameworks. If you report any bugs or security breaches in the Framework, the community response is quick.

6) Security in Nature

Laravel provides you with some of the essential things that make your web application secure. Laravel’s ORM uses PDO, which prevents SQL injection. Laravel’s CSRF protection prevents cross-site request forgery. Its syntax automatically escapes any HTML entities that are being passed in view parameters, preventing cross-site scripts. All you have to do is, use the appropriate components of the framework.

7) Database Migration

Database migration is one of the main features provided by Laravel. Migration allows you to maintain your application’s database structure without having to recreate it. Instead of using SQL, Database migration allows you to write PHP code to control the Database and allows you to roll back the most recent changes you made to the Database.

8) Testing is very easy with Laravel

Testing is important for any application before it is available to end-users. Laravel provides a facility for unit testing but sometimes new changes can crash the system unexpectedly. Laravel runs many tests to ensure the stability of the application.

9) Template

One of the standout features of the Laravel web development is the Blade molding “engine”. This particular tool is very intuitive and works quite easily with PHP/HTML. Because of the lightweight templates in the Laravel framework, creating impressive layouts is quite easy. Developers can use a number of JS and CSS utilities with an important structure that not only creates attractiveness but also reduces website load time helping to improve search engine rankings.

10) Libraries and configuration

It supports multiple development environments and adapts itself according to the respective platform on which the application is running. All of this is possible because of the libraries built inside. Laravel libraries are supported by fully automated features that are not available in other popular PHP frameworks.


Well, Laravel is the most powerful framework of PHP. All these discussed above components make it the best among PHP frameworks. PHP Website Development Company in India providing innovative and cost-effective PHP web development services in Laravel. If you are planning to build a website for your business, Laravel is the right option for you. For a better solution, you can look to hire PHP developer in India or partner with a renowned Web Development Company in Jaipur that excels in web development services.


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