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5 Smart Digital Marketing Strategies for All Types of Business

5 Smart Digital Marketing Strategies for All Types of Business

Digital marketing is the most successful business marketing strategy in this modern era. How come? In India alone, as per the report by Statista, there were nearly 700 million internet users in India in 2020, which is around 400 million more than in 2015. Of these, about 448 million were active social media users. YouTube and Facebook accounted for the largest penetration, at nearly 89 percent and 76 percent respectively as of January


However, there are still many of us who have not maximized the use of current digital marketing strategies. In fact, every year, even every month, marketing in the digital world experiences continuous development, along with the increasingly varied habits of internet users around the world.

The habits and behavior of internet users are changing more and more modern. Among these are the use of Voice Search in search engines, ephemeral sharing of stories on Instagram, Facebook, and much more.

Looking at these things, every digital marketer or social media marketing company needs to be smarter and creative in marketing any type of business in cyberspace.

Digital marketing services or social media services, providing by digital marketing agencies are very effective and results-oriented.

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Digital Marketing- 5 Smart Strategies for Your Business

  • Maximize Communication Through Stories

As quipped at the beginning, Stories have become a massive trend among social media users, especially on Instagram whose users have crossed the 300 million mark in November 2017. Every digital marketing agency in India has maximized the use of this feature in their social media marketing strategy and has proven to have increased brand awareness of their client’s products. You can start placing these Stories ads on Facebook Ads or Paid Facebook campaign.

  • Advertising Through Video Content

Various brands and companies have claimed that they receive a good response through the video content that they post on social media channels. Advertising through video content plays an important role in the success of the business. Every second digital marketing company in India considers video content as the main part of its digital marketing strategy. 

As per the reports, around 85% of the content shared on the internet is in the form of videos. This figure is continuing to increase from year to year. On the other hand, around 65% of internet users decide to buy a product after seeing its promotional video on social media. This behavior of internet users certainly opens up opportunities for companies or startups to maximize the use of video content to market their business.

  • Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing strategies have been on the rise since last year, and this year is at its peak. According to reports, 84% of marketers use at least one influencer to market their products, and their profits have increased fivefold. This type of marketing strategy doesn’t just involve big influencers. You can also involve consumers to influence the people around them as well. This will make them feel involved in your brand, which in turn will further increase the value of your brand engagement with consumers.

  • Maximize Big Data Usage

Big Data in question is analytical data collected automatically by internet service providers regarding the behavior of their users, both on search engines and on social media. You may have seen this type of data if you use Instagram Business. Start observing the data. Know the behavior of your consumers. Of all your products, which one do your customers really want. That way, you can better categorize your campaign strategy for a more specific audience.

  • Faster Response with Chatbot

Consumers don’t like to wait. The length of time you answer their questions determines how seriously you take your product. For a faster response, online businesses have been using Chatbot in recent years. You can start activating chatbots on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram Bot platforms as a beginner. Don’t forget to make the auto-reply look as natural as possible to suit the character of your audience. If you don’t know how to integrate bots in the website you can consult with the best SEO agency in India who can help you with the best solution.


Those are 5 smart ways of digital marketing for any type of business. In this digital era, it is highly recommended for business people to involve digital marketing in their marketing strategy. You can start by applying the 5 strategies above.

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