TagHawk - Buy. Sell. Faster.

Dhakad Concept

TagHawk is the one-stop mobile app that offers people a simple way to buy or sell items within your community — all with risk-free cashless payment!
– Community-based mobile marketplace reduces travel hassles by providing items for sale near you
– Minimize time, cost, and effort to furnish your new place with essential items
– Find local sellers and buyers in your community (e.g. building, university, neighborhood, club or interest group, etc.)
– In-app transportation solution for items not available in your neighborhood or community

Built-in Buyer Protection
– Risk-free cashless payment option for added safety, security and protection
– Instantly chat securely with sellers and buyers within the app
– Community-based mobile marketplace, know who you are dealing with

Simple & Intuitive
– List an item using your phone in seconds with just a few clicks
– Browse by images, categories, or community

Stay in touch with your networks
– Create group chat with your neighbors
– Subscribe to the community news stream

TagHawk is the easiest way to buy, sell locally and affordably furnish your new place

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