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Android vs. iOS User Behavior- Its Impact On Mobile App Development

Before you contact any mobile app development company in India for your next app idea, make sure that you know about your target audience. For a successful mobile app, knowing just about its features is not enough. You need to study the users and their preference of the OS. The importance of understanding user behavior when it comes to OS is crucial as IOS and Android dominate the mobile market. The records show that almost 99.6% of the smartphone market is dominated by Apple and Android.  Thus, for an owner, it is a hard task to decide between iOS vs Android, and that’s why customer behavior analysis is crucial.

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Researching about the preference of users regarding smartphone use can tell a lot about their behavior. A user using an Android or IOS device reveals a lot about his traits, habits, personality, and likes. It also aids the developer to get a gist of the apps they are likely to use and more importantly invest in. In this blog, we will talk about Android vs. iOS user behavior- its impact on mobile app development. We will talk about IOS and Android devices, their features, user behavior while using both platforms. Also, we will talk about how all this impacts your mobile app development solutions.

Let’s begin-

1. The Market Share Of Both Android And iOS

As we read earlier, the statistics of 2017 showed that 99.6% of the smartphone market is covered by Android and Apple. A mobile app development company has to keep this number in mind. It will help them decide whether to use one platform or both.

Other things related to the market that you need to consider are:

The number of apps in the Play/App Store. A recent survey showed that the Google play store has 3 million apps while the Apple App Store has around 2 million apps.

In the year 2018, the numbers have continuously increased and will keep the momentum going for a long.

These figures are huge and make developing apps for both OS appealing.

Keeping this point in mind, it is hard to decide between an OS. For the decision to be made, you must check iOS VS Android user behavior. You need to learn about the consumer’s interest and liking of one OS and its apps.

Secondly, you should consider the aim and goal of the app you are developing. If the end goal of the app is to gain more users, go for Android app development. But if revenue generation is your goal Apple is a better option.

2. Difference Between Demographics And Personalities Of Users

There are two types of Users:

  • One who is willing to invest and spend on apps
  • Second are the ones who are not comfortable with spending money on apps installation.

The reason behind this difference is the demographics and personality of the consumers.

As far as Android is concerned, their user base is people with moderate income. On the other hand, IOS users are citizens with good income per annum. The importance of analyzing the users in respect of income, location, education, and so on is important for this decision. Talking about personality, IOS users are more invested in buying apps. Android users are most inclined towards apps that are free and are great in quality.

So, to conclude this point, the better insight you have about the personality, likes, need, and demographics of use. You will have a better chance to adopt the best OS for your mobile app development solutions.

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3. Device Capabilities And Functionalities

Every user has a special bond with his/her phone. They are attached to it, and they keep their whole world inside the phone. There are some major differences between the devices.

For Apple users, the consistency of the updates and UX of the devices takes the cake. Also, iPhone is more secure, provides updates regularly, sends push notifications, and so on. Apple users are habitual to certain uniformity and straightforwardness in their phones.

While for Android users, the freedom and ease they feel while using or installing the app are the most important.  Also, they can customize the device according to their need, which is something that an Apple device doesn’t have.

It is something that you need to keep in mind before you set a target audience.

4. User Acquisition And Retention And App- Engagement

Both IOS and Android have different approaches to user retention and engagement. IOS app user is more engaged with the content. It makes the consumer acquisition rate high in IOS devices. Apple engages consumers with more versatile content, and Android user experience and engagement is more to do with media.

Every application has goals like registration, in-app purchases, and subscription. IOS has an upper hand in all these except registration. And in that too Android is ahead only with a minimal difference.

Thus, it is important for you to understand the goal of the app. For better revenue generation Apple is perfect, but for longer user engagement Android is a good choice.


So, which platform must one select? The best answer to this question is to develop the app for both platforms. In case, this is not possible the decision then rests on the most important factor- the user.

As a mobile app development company, you need to analyze every aspect of your user base. Android user experience differs from Apple as both platforms offer different features to the consumers. Android users are used to apps that are free, have great quality, and have the means to reach a wider audience. On the other hand, iOS users are used to quality apps that they are willing to pay for. So, research the audience to know iOS vs Android user behavior and also know your app needs- revenue or user generation. All these factors will help you to make the best decision.


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