8 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business

8 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business

Social Media has emerged as the best tool for businesses to reach prospects and customers. It provides you the easiest way to meet potential customers as in today’s time more than 3.6 billion users are on social media platforms, and it is expected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025. This figure makes social media a crucial part of your brand’s marketing strategy.

Popular brands, enterprises, organizations, startups, and SMBs are using social media strategy to increase their sales and services.

The main reason why every business is moving to social media platforms is that most users spend a lot of time over social media platforms. Various businesses have claimed that they received a huge response through social media channels.

If you are running a business and not interacting with your audience/customers through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest then you are missing out on 30% of sales. Business profiles on social media channels can bring remarkable success to your business. You can increase your customer base and ever driving huge sales and leads as well. Moreover, businesses run Social Media Ads for their business page to boost their sales and services.

Looking at the increasing demands, various digital marketing companies follow the latest trends to provide the best digital marketing services.

Still not convinced about the power of social media? Wondering what the benefit is for your small business?

Below we’ll discuss the best 8 ways you can use in your social media channels to expand and grow your business.

  • Start With A Plan

To give a successful start, Plan first. It is very important to decide your plan, purpose of using social media channels. Without a plan, you can’t understand what you’re trying to achieve, which means there’s no way to measure your results. Build a proper strategy as it helps you meet your targeted audience. Take your time and create a social media plan for your business. This ensures that all your social efforts support specific business goals. Build a strong profile including your success story, products, and services.

  • Decide Which Platform Is Right For Use

Decide which platform is right to target the customers. Decide where your audience spends their time online. For example, if you are running a RealEstate business, you should skip Instagram, and Snapchat, because your targeted audiences are millionaires. However, you can meet some relevant audiences if you run paid campaign on these platforms.

Make sure you are using social media channels for your business and it is very important to do some research in order to know who is your audience and on which platform they spend their time online.

  • Do Regular Post Including Videos And Images

Do regular posts including videos and images on social media to keep your audience engaged and growing. It will increase your traffic, impression, and customer engagement. The more videos and pictures you post, the more traffic you will get. Target all the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to meet user engagement.

  • Build Brand Awareness

What could make your brand more and more noticeable? A direct engagement with the customers can lead your business in the right direction. Collaborate with the influencers to add more value to your brand. Build an advanced strategy to build online audiences and increase your followers and connections. Through social media channels, make your products or services publicly in your niche, your sales can skyrocket overnight. Many popular brands have been seen targeting customers by doing promotions by the influencers. As per the study, around 22 percent of marketers consider influencer marketing as the most cost-effective way of obtaining new customers.

  • Run Quiz

It is one of the best ways to know the interest of your audience. For example- Uber Eats runs a quiz on its social channels ‘What People Love The Most?’ and Uber received a number of answers from the different users. You can also follow this strategy to increase user engagement.

  • Invest in Paid Ads

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn all offer the alternative to put your advertisements on their platforms to help you increase your following and create new leads. You can make profoundly focused on ads to target your customers. Tweak your advertisements dependent on your crowd’s inclinations, online behavior, age, gender, geographic area, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Not focusing on a particular crowd can squander promotion dollars on individuals who aren’t keen on your offers. By offering your message to the individuals who are well on the way to require your services, you can capitalize on your advertisement spend and increment your odds of getting transformations. At the point when possibilities are a decent match with your organization, they’ll probably click your advertisement, which prompts your site. Once on your site, they may go to your item page or start contact with you.


Businesses are considering social media channels as a business model to increase growth, sales, and services. You can follow all these discussed above tactics to increase your customer base and make your business more profitable. You can hire SEO agency in India that can build and run Instagram, Twitter, Linked and Facebook Ad Campaign to drive huge traffic.


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